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Pomegranate Iced Tea

Pomegranate Iced Tea - Baby Food Recipe

If you’re looking for a tangy drink to cool you down in this crazy summer heat, this pomegranate iced tea might just do the trick. I have to warn you though, it’s pretty tangy, I mean, sour. Since we made it for the whole family (including miss L) we didn’t add any sugar so it definitely has a bit of a sour tinge to it. But L eats lemons whole so that didn’t really stop her from drinking a whole cup.

Pomegranate was a great choice for this iced tea as it’s packed with antioxidants and fibre and surprisingly, protein. Just make sure to either juice the pomegranate or if you blend it, strain it so that you remove the pulp as that would definitely spoil the fun.

Have fun! Stay cool!

Pomegranate Iced Tea

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Serves: 4 (about 1l) Cooking Time: 2hrs


  • 1L water
  • 2tbsp lemon juice
  • 120gr (1 cup) pomegranate
  • 4 tea bags (chamomile)



Bring the water to a boil. Transfer it to a pitcher and add the tea bags. Let them steep for about 20 minutes.


Juice or blend the pomegranate. If you blend it, strain it to remove the pulp.


Add the pomegranate juice and lemon juice to the pitcher.


Set in the fridge and let it cool down until chilled.


Stir and serve!


If you want to speed up the cooling time you can add a few ice cubes. If you're making this for older kids or adults you may want to add some sugar 🙂

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