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Watermelon & Greek Yoghurt Popsicles

Watermelon & Greek Yoghurt Popsicles - Baby Food Recipe

Yesterday was national watermelon day and we didn’t even get to post the pictures of our awesome popsicles (to be fair we were tied up in birthday festivities for little miss)! So here were are, albeit a day late, with our recipe! These are the perfect little treat since the watermelon gives it a deliciously sweet taste, and the greek yoghurt adds just the right creamy, smooth touch! And as usual, no sugar, salt or additives – pure, natural and healthy. Just as a note, maybe keep these as a treat for the little babe because they’re really not that exciting for your taste buds as an adult. For your version you can always add some sugar, or even a little bit of booze to spruce them up.

Just a little note – this recipe is enough for 4 little Nuby Popsicles, but if you go for bigger pops you may need a bit more puree. This tray is the cutest and we’re so happy with it. Little miss usually doesn’t even finish her popsicle before it melts, since she likes to keep it in her hand and crawl around the whole house with it, licking a bit here and there as she goes. I would definitely recommend it for your littles 🙂

Have fun cooling down with these adorable (and super pink!) little treats:

Watermelon & Greek Yoghurt Popsicles

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Serves: 4 Cooking Time: 4 hrs


  • 100 gr watermelon cubes (no seeds)
  • 75gr greek yoghurt



Blend the watermelon & greek yoghurt.


Pour into popsicle containers and freeze for at least 4 hrs.

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