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Swiss Tomato Omelette Strips

Happy Swiss national day! Today we’re celebrating (almost) being Swiss with a red & white omelette breakfast plate. The omelette is made with local Gruyère cheese and is accompanied by cherry tomatoes & cottage cheese. I cut it up into strips and peanut had a blast munching on it all by herself, you know, like a big girl. Oh, and she also smeared the cottage cheese everywhere. I don’t even know where to start cleaning 🙂

Most of you don’t really know me but I’m a third culture kid. Originally from Belgium (my whole family still lives there), I was born in South Africa and lived in 8 different countries on 4 continents by the time I was 15 years old. I finally moved to Switzerland and have been living here ever since (12 years)! I went to college here, found my husband here, and we’ve decided to raise our kids here too. Something about this place just has us hooked. Maybe it’s the nature and the fact that we have cows right outside our windows, or because our neighbours are chill and everyone has a great level of mutual respect for one-another. In either case, we love it! And although it’s taken almost 3 years to apply for the Swiss passport, we’re about to get it really soon – so today we’re celebrating (almost) being Swiss because we feel more at home here than anywhere else!

Anyways, enough about that! Enjoy the omelette recipe and have a great Monday!

Swiss Omelette Strips

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Serves: 1 Cooking Time: 10 mins


  • 1 egg
  • 2 cherry tomatoes
  • 1 tsp grated gruyère
  • 1 tbsp oil



Cut the cherry tomatoes in tiny strips and then dice them.


Whisk the egg for a few seconds. Add the tomatoes.


In a small pan, add the oil and then the egg mixture.


Cook for 2-3 minutes until it starts to set and sprinkle the gruyère ontop.


Fold the omelette in half and continue to cook for a few more minutes, until all of the egg is cooked through.


Take off the pan, let it cool for a few minutes and cut into strips.




For the age I put 10m+ but there is a lot of debate going on about when you can introduce baby to eggs. Some say as early as 6m, some say only after 1 year. Consult your paediatrician, but we introduced Lina to eggs at 8 months and she was just fine!

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