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Fruit & Yoghurt Snack

Fruit & Yoghurt Snack - Baby Food Recipe

Ever since we started introducing solids, I’ve had an overwhelming fear of little miss choking on pieces of food. Since she didn’t have any teeth (until she suddenly sprouted two recently) we’ve avoided giving her pieces of food and have been pureeing most of her food (except super soft foods like pasta). But lately we’ve been experimenting with bigger pieces and she seems to be handling it just fine, despite an occasional gag reflex when she eats a piece that’s too big. So today we went all out and had a bunch of fresh fruit & yoghurt for our afternoon snack. She ate Greek yoghurt with cut strawberries, figs and peach and loved it! She almost finished the whole bowl. Our next step will be figuring out what other foods she can handle! Exciting times people, exciting times!

Here’s the recipe that we used in the photo:

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